Tuesday, March 31, 2009

love to mop?

i do now!
never have i enjoyed mopping. i've tried numerous mops, swifter wet (or whatever it's called) ..nothing ever seemed to clean the floor well, and i hated carting a bucket around and i never seemed to get the cleaner:water ratio down.
but now i am a mopper! heck..i just finished mopping my kitchen floor at 9 pm..and i'm blogging about it. yup, guess you can say, i've been transformed! and it's all due to the

shark steam mop!

it cleans with only water using steam. and i can use it on all my flooring (well obviously,not the carpet though...)no more chemical cleaners, no more bucket! i am in love.. and i have clean floors!


Meghann said...

Woooo that looks gooooood! It works on hardwood too? I have hardwood, and I am worried about the steam.....still, it sure is pretty :)
Glad your floors are clean - I love that feeling on bare feet, mmmmmmm.
P.S. the yellow type is a little hard to read on the cream background...could you maybe make one or the other a leetle bit darker pretty please? Everything else looks great though!!

Sara M. said...

Thanks Meghann.. I changed the font to a little darker.

It's works on hardwood as well!

leebulls said...

no freakin way?! so it really does work huh?! i've always wondered about that...dang! gosh, now i will have to add it to my list!!!