Monday, March 23, 2009

CBC Interview

Last week was a great week to welcome back spring and wake up out of this hibernation that I've been in. I definitely have spring fever and have been feeling much more energetic! In fact so much so that I've been having insomnia at around 3 am every morning! So what do I do during that time? Well i've been working on some new piggy-tails designs and revamping the store. Keep an eye out for updates!

Something also exciting happened for piggy-tails last week. I was asked to do a short interview with CBC radio to talk about Etsy and my shop. It aired Saturday morning but you can listen online here. Click on the Etsy under March 21.

It's going to be a very busy week. Meghan's first dance competition of the season is this weekend. We'll be leaving Thursday night to head to Peterborough and won't be back until Sunday night. Hope to have a few pics to post next week! Until then, have a good week everyone!

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