Sunday, July 26, 2009

it was a wet and rainy weekend

hasn't this summer been great?
nothing but rain.. and more rain.. and more rain.
last weekend ian and i went camping at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park in Mattawa to meet with our 2 little ones who have been camping there all week with their grandparents, two little cousins and their Aunt. it really hadn't been the best of weeks..kind of cold and well.... wet. but what are you going to do? summer only lasts for so long here and you can't waste a single minute of it. crappy weather or not.... i guess.

we arrived and got our tent up just in time before it started to rain. not just a little rain either.... a downpour and it lasted all night....
thankfully when we woke up the rain had stopped. had breakfast at the trailer with the family and then we headed out for a canoe ride. it was anna's (our cocker spaniel) first time in the canoe... and surprisingly enough she did really well! she enjoyed checking everything out and kept trying to stick her head in the water to drink. for some reason she thinks that the lake is a big giant bowl of water and must keep drinking it until it's all gone!

after the canoe ride anna had a good time chasing a stick in the water. she hasn't had a whole lot of experience camping and really doesn't enjoy it much, but she seemed to enjoy the wat
er. she was hesitant though when the stick went a little to far and she couldn't touch the ground anymore. of course after she went swimming she was freezing and wouldn't stop shaking until we went home on sunday. needless to say, next time we go camping, anna will be staying home. she's just to much of a princess and doesn't like to be outside day and night..

oh i forgot to mention... during the canoe ride... it rained.
the sun did come out though for a bit in the afternoon. ian was a
ble to grab a little snooze in his hammock. my mom came out to visit us for dinner and then guess what? yup.. just as she was about to leave it started to rain. and once again.. not just a little rain.. a downpour! so much for a campfire and marshmellows :(

woke up in a not so pleasant way....
anna had been sleeping in the car (yes with a crack in the windows.. plenty of ventilation, but she stank like a wet dog and we didn't want her in the tent. it's a very small tent...) but some lady thought that she would stand outside our car, very early in the morning, and talk to anna. "oh aren't you a cute doggie" getting her all excited and then she started barking. i, being a courteous camper, didn't want my barking dog to wake everyone else up so we had to get up and let her out. of course the lady was long gone by the time i got out of the tent... which probably was a good thing.
since the rest of the family was still sleeping, ian and i went for a nice long walk. checked out some campsites that we'd like to reserve for another time. and i was able to get some shots of the loon and her baby.

even with the telephoto lense it was hard to get a nice close shot from the beach. there were some kayakers out who were getting some shots. soooo jealous.
after breakfast we went for another little canoe ride and got back just in time to get everything loaded up before..... yup... another downpour! ahh the joys of camping.

the kids were able to get a lot of pictures from their week of camping. look for those coming soon.

we're off to go camping the long weekend.... let's hope we have better luck this time with the rain.


Richard and Jean said...

Hi. I have a blog at where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

Sara M. said...

Jean that would be fine. And thanks!
Love the blog!

Hannah said...

Great pics! I have an American cocker spaniel and she is a bit of a "princess" too! LOL. We haven't taken her to the in-law's cottage yet, but hopefully she'll enjoy it when we do go.:)

kanishk said...
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