Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Out Loud

Last night Ian and I attended Blog Out Loud at the Raw Sugar Cafe in Ottawa.
Really cute little cafe with great retro furniture. It was great being in a room with bloggers.... with people you have something in common with.. with people who get it.
There wasn't very much room but we did manage to find ourselves a seat in the corner. And of course, as usual, I was as shy as ever, but at least I was there. I don't actually find it necessary to talk with people and mingle to have a good time... in fact, I'm much more comfortable sitting back and just watching.
Unfortunately in our little niche in the corner of the room, we weren't able to see the bloggers who were brave enough to get up and talk. Nor was I able to see Ian read his post but maybe he was thankful for that...;) But it was great listening to the stories.. it was kind of like listening to talk radio. And I'm so happy to have a new list of local blogs to read. I've been trying to connect with local people who blog and recently a whole slew of new Ottawa twitterers.
Here is a list of the blog readers

a peek inside the fishbowl
Capital Mom
Coffee with Julie
Coloured Marbles
Curried Jane
From Nat's Brain
Hella Stella
In a Jar
Life is the Beach
Mare ad Mare
Postcards from the Mothership
Thoughts of a Smother Mother
Tales from a Grouch


Meghann LittleStudio said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm also on Twitter, as meglittlestudio, and my blog is
Have a great weekend!

Capital Mom said...

We were sitting by you in the end so I saw you there in the corner. Thanks for stopping my my blog to say hi!

Hannah said...

I was there but had to leave early. Boo! But it was great to hear some posts and put a face to the blog names. :)

kanishk said...
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