Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Garden Love

Ok.. first off.. I have to admit, I am sooo not a gardener. I love the look of a garden, I like to go to the nurseries and pick the flowers, I like to pretend that I garden. But really.. Ian and the kids are the ones that do all the work. I pick and I place and that's all I do. But I really do love to take photos of the garden. And I do love to eat the fresh veggies that come from the garden.

I'm really proud of our flower garden.. neither of us know what we are doing and have no idea what should go where or what flowers would be best. We just go with what we like and go from there! I only like to do perennials really and so we get only a few each year. I'm looking forward to our garden maturing throughout the years.

On the side of house is our little vegetable garden. It's really (other then the front of the house) the only place that gets sun. Here we have some tomoto plants, a couple hops plants ( Ian's idea) a couple cucumber plants, a jalopeno plant and some beans. Unfortunately the slugs have attacked the beans but we're hoping they'll recover. The girls love fresh beans!

This year we are also trying something new. We have a hanging tomotoe plant and a hanging cucumber plant. It's dual purpose this way as well as we have flowers on top and the veggies on the bottom. The mums on the one plant have died and I keep forgetting to replace them.
Here's a how to video that Ian made

I don't know what these flowers are called but they are a lovely shade of orange with a purple inside. These flowers are in a pot at the front of the house.

Moving on to our flower bed in our front yard.

This flower is absolutely beautiful...;)

I love the colours of these

And hosta ville

Our front flower bed


Mia said...

How precious!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

What great gardens you have, and I'm sure everyone is enjoying it :)

mare ad mare said...

Quote - 'the mums have died and I keep forgetting to replace them'
Good one baby ;-)

kanishk said...
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