Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Welcome To The New Blog

Well I wish I can say that this will be my last new blog.. but well.. my new moto is to not make promises that I can't keep :)
I wasn't liking the free wordpress at all, so now I'm giving Blogger a chance. And now also, instead of having separate blogs for family and friends, piggy-tails and tangerine owl.. it will all be in one. Much easier for me to maintain and keep track of!
Please let me know what you think of the new blog and any ideas or critiques you may have.

I have some exciting news for today. Piggy-Tails is in the Indie Fixx Galleria for the month of August. I am so excited and hope that this will bring some new traffic to the shop!

Well now that I've spent my entire morning working on switching blogs. I need to do some cleanup from breakfast and then hit the post office and a trip to Costco. I may be back later though!

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Cindy said...

NICE :-)